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Live-looped chamber folk songs


Brenna Sahatjian creates a space of sonic and lyrical complexity with her music. She sings about feminism, women’s empowerment, solidarity with survivors of sexual assault, social justice, environmentalism, and eco-psychology. She is a published poet (Broken Word: Alberta Street Anthology Volume II ) and has written two zines of poetry, Buried Alive and Something Wretched Becomes Beautiful. She has toured two regions of the US by bicycle, and her solo hitchhiking adventures have influenced her “female road narrative.” Her lyrical voice is also shaped by her work over the years on prisoner support, forest defense, youth mentorship, and as a mental health social worker.


Ruby - Brenna Sahatjian
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Treason, Loyalty, and Love - Brenna Sahatjian
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Brenna discusses her process of turning her poetry into song, sharing examples of her work and the transformation of her song

Live Looping Sounds

In this interactive workshop, participants are invited to bring their sound making devices of choice and collaborate on experimental sound collages. Basic operation of Brenna's BOSS RC 300 will be provided, as well as the programming of effects.


Eco­psychology, Poetry, and Justice

Brenna has an ear and an eye for art, music, and writing that honors the Earth and sheds light on the interconnectedness of all living beings. In this workshop, she shares insights from her own eco­-psychological songwriting style, as well as what eco­psychology is, and how it's influenced environmental activism in the Pacific Northwest. Examples of work by other artists, writers, poets, and musicians are shared and discussed. An optional plant walk and outdoor writing workshop can be arranged as part of this workshop, location permitting.


An exploration of intersectional feminism, focusing on what Judi Bari called Revolutionary Ecology. In this workshop we explore the philosophical roots of eco­feminism, define bio­centrism, and explore how they challenge patriarchy and capitalism.




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